RELANC has tracked and engaged in legislative work since 2011, and has produced relevant, related content in the form of brochures and best practice documents for members and for the public. We have also concerned ourselves with non-legislative issues affecting real property attorneys and their clients, and have engaged in statewide partnerships to address issues of concern to wider audiences. Here are some examples of this work.

Examples of Deliverables

  • Standards of Practice (Under revision)
  • Closing Brochure for the public
  • Tax Proration Brochure for the public
  • Membership Roster Booklet (produced for REALTOR EXPO and other events)
  • Pandemic Best Practices (shared S2020)

Some General Issues We Have Followed

  • North Carolina-South Carolina boundary
  • E-closing & Electronic Notary
  • Remote Online Notary
  • Wire Fraud, Cyberfraud & Insurance
  • Social Engineering & Business Email Compromise/Pfishing
  • Uniform Recording Fees
  • Notice of Settlement Act
  • Marketable Title Act
  • Workforce Housing Loan Program

Examples of Typical Legislation

  • LegalZoom
  • Early Rental Termination by Military Members H488 & S401, 2017
  • HOA/Condo Crime & Fidelity Insurance H625 & S491, 2017 (Kornerstone bill)
  • Identity Theft Protection Act (Data Breach) H904, 2019
  • Joint tenancy with rights of survivorship, SB451, 2019
  • Liability of Register of Deeds for Failure to Record, H264, 2019
  • Orphan Roads, H620, 2019
  • Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act Restored, H531, 2019
  • Public Roads H457 & s373 Performance Guarantees/ Subdivision Streets,2017
  • Surveying and Plat Recording Changes H454 & S372, 2017
  • Title insurance companies’ claims reserve HB 708, 2019


  • NC Closing Best Practices Task Force
  • NC Land Records Taskforce
  • Secretary of State E-Notary Taskforce (& SOS Office)
  • Wire Fraud Summit
  • NCBA RPS Consumer Protection Committee

Where You Can Find Us