Please join your colleagues listed below in supporting the educational, advocacy and legislative efforts of RELANC.

Chair: Christopher T. Salyer, Fayetteville

Vice Chair: Michael G. Gorenflo, West End

Secretary: Ashleigh E. Black, Raleigh

Treasurer: Salvatore Balsamo, Charlotte

Past Chairs: Hunter S. Edwards, Charlotte, Alan E. Ferguson, Greensboro, Tom Steele, Burlington,  Bob Ramseur, Raleigh, and Ben Kuhn, Raleigh and Adam Foodman, Charlotte, Founders.


James M. Arges, Durham

Stephen B. Brown, Chapel Hill

Veronica Colvard, Asheville

Michael G. Gorenflo, West End

Ken Gwynn, Raleigh

JC Hearne, Wilmington

Casey Heim, Raleigh

Dan Portone, Charlotte

Kimberly B. Rosenberg, Raleigh

Daniel A. Terry, Charlotte

Michael M. Thompson, Asheville