One benefit of RELANC membership is a county-by-county roster of members for referral purposes. We are often asked for the names of attorney members in a specific county, and this page provides that information to the public. If you would prefer NOT to be included in the list, please email Bonnie Biggs at

Most attorneys are searchable on the internet, if you can not find someone using a public search engine, the NC State Bar web site has a lookup feature.

Aberdeen Moore Gatti, Raymond
Albemarle Stanly Lowder, Mark
Albemarle Stanly Odom, Robert
Angier Harnett Howell, Currie
Apex Wake Jones, Brittany
Apex Wake Nickel, Caroline
Apex Wake Schwedler, Thomas
Apex Wake Stam, Paul
Asheboro Randolph Cox, Richard
Asheboro Randolph Morgan, Benjamin
Asheboro Randolph Wilhoit, Robert
Asheville Buncombe Aceto, Steven
Asheville Buncombe Ballard, Jillian
Asheville Buncombe Barbour, Susan
Asheville Buncombe Brock, Annika
Asheville Buncombe Cartner, David
Asheville Buncombe Colvard, Veronica
Asheville Buncombe Cramer, Elizabeth
Asheville Buncombe Goosmann, George
Asheville Buncombe Kidd, Meredith
Asheville Buncombe Lancaster, Zeno
Asheville Buncombe Peltz, Jason
Asheville Buncombe Rose, John
Asheville Buncombe Scott, Janalyn
Asheville Buncombe Thompson, Michael
Asheville Buncombe Thompson, Lindsay
Asheville Buncombe Warren, Ronda
Belhaven Beaufort Raynor, Misa
Belmont Gaston Bowen, Courtney
Belmont Gaston Rhoton, W.
Belmont Gaston Tindall, Erin
Belmont Gaston Wilson, Parks
Benson Johnston Sauls, S.
Black Mountain Buncombe Begley, William
Black Mountain Buncombe Christy, William
Black Mountain Buncombe Ellis, James
Black Mountain Buncombe McFatter, Barrett
Black Mountain Buncombe Sneed, Ronald
Black Mountain Buncombe Webster, Bryant
Bolivia Brunswick Gordon, Kiersten
Brevard Transylvania Camenzind, Hannah
Brevard Transylvania Ramsey, Gayle
Burlington Alamance Britt, Jill
Burlington Alamance Carter, Ashley
Burlington Alamance Fogleman, Paul
Burlington Alamance Houston, Daniel
Burlington Alamance Kalo, Joseph
Burlington Alamance Oertel, Paul
Burlington Alamance Rouse, Harvey
Burlington Alamance Steele, Charles
Carthage Moore Kondziola, Jessica
Carthage Moore Thompson, Hurley
Cary Wake Barringer, Brent
Cary Wake Bowen, Elizabeth
Cary Wake Donaldson, Karen
Cary Wake Montana, Marianna
Cary Wake Pardue, James
Cary Wake Rosenberg, Kimberly
Cary Wake Sizemore, Jonathan
Cashiers Jackson Coward, Kimberly
Cashiers Jackson Paul, Peter
Chapel Hill Orange Bennington, David
Chapel Hill Orange Biggs, Jonathan
Chapel Hill Orange Brown, Stephen
Chapel Hill Chatham Crowson, Christopher
Chapel Hill Orange De Maere, Guido
Chapel Hill Orange Embree, Kenneth
Chapel Hill Orange Foley, William
Chapel Hill Orange Ganley, Michael
Chapel Hill Wake Garren, Marcus
Chapel Hill Orange Grindstaff, Charity
Chapel Hill Orange Holt, Thomas
Chapel Hill Orange Maitland, Robert
Chapel Hill Orange Mason, Tonya
Chapel Hill Orange Thibaut, Charles
Chapel Hill Orange Wainio, Ryan
Chapel Hill Orange West, Samuel
Chapel Hill Orange Westrom, Brian
Charlotte Mecklenburg Anderson, Christopher
Charlotte Mecklenburg Balsamo, Salvatore
Charlotte Mecklenburg Barfield, Stephanie
Charlotte Mecklenburg Barkley, Jane
Charlotte Mecklenburg Barnard, Samantha
Charlotte Mecklenburg Benton, Kenneth
Charlotte Mecklenburg Berry, H.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Blake, Elizabeth
Charlotte Mecklenburg Bratton, Ashley
Charlotte Mecklenburg Burris, Robert
Charlotte Mecklenburg Burt, Michael
Charlotte Mecklenburg Carlino, Peter
Charlotte Mecklenburg Chandler, Clinton
Charlotte Mecklenburg Costner, Josh
Charlotte Mecklenburg Cuffney, Tara
Charlotte Mecklenburg Dillashaw, Brendan
Charlotte Mecklenburg Drayton, Benjamin
Charlotte Mecklenburg Edwards, Hunter
Charlotte Mecklenburg Faircloth, Randall
Charlotte Mecklenburg Fussell, Robin
Charlotte Mecklenburg Gorman, Thomas
Charlotte Mecklenburg Grainger, Gates
Charlotte Mecklenburg Heller, Brenna
Charlotte Mecklenburg Hemenway, Geoffrey
Charlotte Mecklenburg Hogue, Janeen
Charlotte Mecklenburg Hunter, Catherine
Charlotte Mecklenburg Jones, Jennifer
Charlotte Mecklenburg Koenig, Jeffrey
Charlotte Mecklenburg Kunkleman, Gregory
Charlotte Mecklenburg Lane, Charles
Charlotte Mecklenburg Lucente, Sarah
Charlotte Mecklenburg Markey, John
Charlotte Mecklenburg McIntyre, J.
Charlotte Mecklenburg McLean, John
Charlotte Mecklenburg McMillan, Ralph
Charlotte Mecklenburg McPhail, Ernest
Charlotte Mecklenburg Miller, Leslie
Charlotte Mecklenburg Miller, Christopher
Charlotte Mecklenburg Miller, William
Charlotte Mecklenburg Milling, David
Charlotte Mecklenburg Pack, Kenneth
Charlotte Mecklenburg Pearce, Hugo
Charlotte Mecklenburg Phelan, Matthew
Charlotte Mecklenburg Poe, Richard
Charlotte Mecklenburg Polking, Jonathan
Charlotte Mecklenburg Portone, Daniel
Charlotte Mecklenburg Presel, Alan
Charlotte Mecklenburg Psaroudis, Michelle
Charlotte Mecklenburg Purser, Rodney
Charlotte Mecklenburg Redhead, Candice
Charlotte Mecklenburg Reynolds, Elizabeth
Charlotte Mecklenburg Sellers, Timothy
Charlotte Mecklenburg Shields-Cook, Lisa
Charlotte Mecklenburg Shor, Nina
Charlotte Mecklenburg Snoddy, Robert
Charlotte Mecklenburg Surles, John
Charlotte Mecklenburg Surles, Bradley
Charlotte Mecklenburg Terry, Daniel
Charlotte Mecklenburg Tissue, Joseph
Charlotte Mecklenburg Webb, William
Charlotte Mecklenburg Webb, Leslie
Charlotte Mecklenburg Wood, Andrea
Charlotte Mecklenburg Wood, Gregory
Clayton Johnston Kristoff, Lawrence
Clemmons Forsyth Womble, Thomas
Clinton Sampson Lockamy, Justin
Clinton Sampson Naylor, Tiffany
Concord Cabarrus Birmingham, Suzanne
Concord Cabarrus Critz, Robert
Concord Cabarrus Hawkins, Ryan
Concord Cabarrus Irvin, Howard
Concord Cabarrus Link, Kevin
Concord Cabarrus Medlin, Steve
Concord Cabarrus Stewart, Mary
Conway Northampton Mann, Crystal
Cornelius Mecklenburg Thebeau, Cheri
Creedmoor Granville Garren, Nathan
Dunn Harnett Malone, Lee
Durham Durham Arges, James
Durham Durham Biggs, Tom
Durham Durham Bogues, Jonathan
Durham Durham Bowens, Florence
Durham Durham Cianciulli, Travis
Durham Durham Ewing, Carey
Durham Durham Herman, Randy
Durham Durham Jackson, Teta
Durham Durham Lockamy, Patrick
Durham Durham Love, Robert
Durham Durham Milam, Edmund
Durham Durham Nichols, Tara
Durham Durham Prentis, Richard
Durham Durham Reinhardt, Charles
Elizabeth City Pasquotank Mitchell, William
Elizabeth City Pasquotank Norrell, William
Elizabeth City Pasquotank Small, G.
Enka Buncombe Price, Phillip
Erwin Harnett Bradley, Justin
Farmville Pitt Burti, Christopher
Fayetteville Cumberland Benoit, Susan
Fayetteville Cumberland Briggs, John
Fayetteville Cumberland Britton, John
Fayetteville Cumberland Fincher, Jennifer
Fayetteville Cumberland Hughes, Wendy
Fayetteville Cumberland Lewis, Richard
Fayetteville Cumberland Mandulak, John
Fayetteville Cumberland Pela, Cynthia
Fayetteville Cumberland Price, Emily
Fayetteville Cumberland Reaves, Leonard
Fayetteville Cumberland Renger, John
Fayetteville Cumberland Salyer, Christopher
Fletcher Henderson Bowman, Sarah
Four Oaks Johnston Ennis, Amanda
Franklin Macon Bowling, Russell
Franklin Macon Coward, Orville
Franklin Macon Fromknecht, Kenneth
Franklin Macon Key, Gilbert
Fuquay Varina Wake Johnson, Linda
Fuquay Varina Wake Zdenek, Jeffrey
Garner Wake Herring, Lynda
Garner Wake Whitaker, Joshua
Gastonia Gaston Britton, Kyle
Gastonia Gaston Green, Ann
Gastonia Gaston Lauterbach, Sarah
Gastonia Gaston Laws, Richard
Gastonia Gaston Smith, David
Goldsboro Wayne Minshew, Justin
Granite Falls Caldwell Hamby, Dale
Greensboro Guilford Boring, Dennis
Greensboro Guilford Dennis, Paul
Greensboro Guilford Douglas, Robert
Greensboro Guilford Ferguson, Nancy
Greensboro Guilford Fox, Michael
Greensboro Guilford Galloway, Hunter
Greensboro Guilford Galloway, Edward
Greensboro Guilford Gayle, Scott
Greensboro Guilford Isaacson, Marc
Greensboro Guilford Knight, T.
Greensboro Guilford Krohn, Clayton
Greensboro Guilford Medlin, Thomas
Greensboro Guilford Overfield, John
Greensboro Guilford Pearman, Larry
Greensboro Guilford Saintsing, James
Greensboro Guilford Sawyer, Jack
Greensboro Guilford Schlachter, Sharon
Greensboro Guilford Shope, Richard
Greensboro Guilford Slaughter, James
Greensboro Guilford Sparrow, Donald
Greensboro Guilford Speckhard, Donald
Greensboro Guilford Stewart, Barbara
Greensboro Guilford Winfree, Charles
Greenville Pitt Conner, Marcus
Greenville Pitt King, Jeremy
Hayesville Clay Nichols, Deborah
Henderson Vance Renn, Lori
Hendersonville Henderson Brewer, Sherri
Hendersonville Henderson Collie, C.
Hendersonville Henderson Harrelson, Edward
Hendersonville Henderson Mullinax, Theron
Hendersonville Henderson Romeo, Randolph
Hickory Catawba Ahlers, David
Hickory Catawba Bradshaw, Eloise
Hickory Catawba Christian, Daniel
Hickory Catawba Crone, John
Hickory Catawba McIntosh, Kevin
Hickory Catawba Moretz-Icard, Kristi
Hickory Catawba Smith, Young
Hickory Catawba Summerlin, Jimmy
Hickory Catawba Taylor, Terry
Hickory Catawba Williams, Ryan
Hickory Catawba Williams, M.
High Point Guilford Almond, Grant
High Point Guilford Bouldin, Steven
High Point Guilford Koonce, Elizabeth
Hillsborough Orange Parker, David
Hillsborough Orange Satterfield, Daron
Huntersville Mecklenburg Ckezepis, Justin
Huntersville Mecklenburg Terres, Samantha
Huntersville Mecklenburg Waldron, Sarah
Huntersville Mecklenburg Zurawski, Holly
Indian Trail Union Levine, Shelley
Jacksonville Onslow Edwards, James
Jacksonville Onslow McConnell, Robert
Jacksonville Onslow Robinson, Gordon
Jacksonville Onslow Tisdale, Norwood
Kannapolis Cabarrus Forbis, Clinton
Kernersville Forsyth Collins, Arvil
Kernersville Forsyth Schell, A.
Kill Devil Hills Dare Gilreath, James
King Stokes Browder, Jerry
King Stokes Hall, Adam
King Stokes O’Neal, Elizabeth
King Stokes Overby, Nicholas
Kings Mountain Cleveland Neisler, Charles
Kinston Wayne Archie, Richard
Kinston Lenoir Bower, Joseph
Kinston Lenoir Manning, William
Kure Beach New Hanover Slugg, Robert
Lexington Davidson Berg, Jeffrey
Lexington Davidson Sink, Irvin
Liberty Randolph Ferguson, Alan
Lincolnton Lincoln Jonas, Richard
Linden Cumberland Borsman, Lanee
Lumberton Robeson West, Heath
Marion McDowell Bibb, Eleanor
Matthews Mecklenburg Dunn, Landon
Mebane Alamance Canaday, Sarah
Mebane Alamance Nance, Lauren
Mebane Alamance Snider, Richard
Mebane Alamance Taylor, Steven
Mocksville Davie Fleming, Tamara
Monroe Union Adams, Andrew
Monroe Union Bolling, Justin
Monroe Union Fisher, Lewis
Monroe Union Glass, Joel
Monroe Union Griffin, Bobby
Monroe Union Long, Richard
Monroe Union Sigler, Rachel
Monroe Union Vereckey, Michelle
Mooresville Iredell Donaldson, Kevin
Mooresville Iredell Lique, Caroline
Mooresville Iredell Thomas, Ben
Morehead City Carteret Thompson, James
Morrisville Wake Boone, Ashley
Morrisville Wake Harris, Asekesai
Morrisville Wake Rich, Summer
Mount Holly Gaston Anders, Jane
Mount Holly Gaston Cameron, Ashley
Mount Holly Gaston Michael, Kemp
Mount Holly Gaston Shepherd Elting, Brooke
Nags Head Dare Casey, Michael
Nags Head Dare Hobbs, Robert
New Bern Craven Grady, Arey
New Bern Craven Hartman, Mark
New Bern Craven Martin, William
New Bern Craven McCotter, Charles
New Bern Craven Moeller, Peter
New Bern Craven Taylor, Brian
Newell Mecklenburg Glenn, Julie
Newland Avery Poore, Lisa
Newport Carteret Wall, Bevin
Oak Island Brunswick Serra, Robert
Oxford Granville Cross, James
Oxford Granville Hicks, Nelson
Pinehurst Moore Adams, Donnell
Pinehurst Moore Campbell, Clark
Pinehurst Moore Garner, Jennifer
Pinehurst Moore Pate, William
Pinehurst Moore Pate, William
Pinehurst Moore Scarborough, D.
Pineville Mecklenburg Holt, Amber
Plymouth Washington Hutchins, Robert
Raleigh Wake Adams, Steven
Raleigh Wake Anderson, Jonathan
Raleigh Wake Ashworth, Kate
Raleigh Wake Atkins, Michael
Raleigh Wake Bauer, Ronald
Raleigh Wake Belcher, Derek
Raleigh Wake Black, Ashleigh
Raleigh Wake Bolton, Richard
Raleigh Wake Brady, Brian
Raleigh Wake Branch, Natasha
Raleigh Wake Brown, Elizabeth
Raleigh Wake Bryan, James
Raleigh Wake Bull, David
Raleigh Wake Burch, Dorothy
Raleigh Wake Callaway, Michele
Raleigh Wake Campbell, Ashley
Raleigh Wake Carmichael, Hope
Raleigh Wake Clifton, Benjamin
Raleigh Wake Cohen, Donna
Raleigh Wake Cromer, Margaret
Raleigh Wake Dowell, Katherine
Raleigh Wake Eagle, Kenneth
Raleigh Wake Edwards, James
Raleigh Wake England, Pamela
Raleigh Wake Glass, Philip
Raleigh Wake Gold, Elizabeth
Raleigh Wake Gudeman, Jay
Raleigh Wake Gwynn, Kenneth
Raleigh Wake Harrison, Elizabeth
Raleigh Wake Harrold, Michael
Raleigh Wake Hathaway, Kelsey
Raleigh Wake Heim, Casey
Raleigh Wake Hinshaw, Gregory
Raleigh Wake Horne, Patricia
Raleigh Wake Huffstetler, David
Raleigh Wake Ipock, Benjamin
Raleigh Wake Jackson, Jeremiah
Raleigh Wake Jones, Jeffrey
Raleigh Wake Karr, Nicholas
Raleigh Wake Kuhn, Benjamin
Raleigh Wake Lagesse, Brian
Raleigh Wake Lamkin, Laura
Raleigh Wake Livingston, John
Raleigh Wake Markworth, Robert
Raleigh Wake Martin, Laura
Raleigh Wake Merritt, David
Raleigh Wake Mikaloff, Justine
Raleigh Wake Morris, Angela
Raleigh Wake Murray, Paula
Raleigh Wake Needham, David
Raleigh Wake Offord, Lauren
Raleigh Wake Oliver, James
Raleigh Wake Palmer, S.
Raleigh Wake Patchett, Robert
Raleigh Wake Peed, Martha
Raleigh Wake Powers, Matthew
Raleigh Wake Ramseur, Robert
Raleigh Wake Roper, Wayne
Raleigh Wake Russell, Kathie
Raleigh Wake Russell, Grayson
Raleigh Wake Scarboro, Edward
Raleigh Wake Shannon, Kyle
Raleigh Wake Spence, Eric
Raleigh Wake Steddum, Janet
Raleigh Wake Taylor, Patricia
Raleigh Wake Taylor, Melissa
Raleigh Wake Thompson, Curtis
Raleigh Wake Varno, Danielle
Raleigh Wake Weatherspoon, William
Raleigh Wake Weeks, Ryan
Raleigh Wake Wilkie, Jessica
Raleigh Wake Willard, Christopher
Raleigh Wake Willard, Gail
Raleigh Wake Young, Ashley
Rich Square Northampton Slade, Charles
Robbinsville Graham Tallant, Mack
Rocky Mount Nash Crews, Nanette
Rocky Mount Nash Parker, Deleon
Roxboro Person Grissom, Christy
Roxboro Person Hicks, Alan
Rutherfordton Rutherford Willis, Jarald
Salisbury Rowan Bridges, Benjamin
Salisbury Rowan Hudson, John
Salisbury Rowan Ketner, Glenn
Salisbury Rowan Overbey, Jon
Salisbury Rowan Pethel, Branson
Salisbury Rowan Pinyan, Joshua
Shallotte Brunswick Baxley, Douglas
Shallotte Brunswick Kirby, Amanda
Shelby Cleveland Flowers, Fred
Shelby Cleveland Martin, Thomas
Shelby Cleveland Pack, Terry
Shelby Cleveland Schweppe, John
Smithfield Johnston Ashley, Emery
Smithfield Johnston Woodruff, Gordon
Southern Pines Moore Joeckel, Jennifer
Southern Pines Moore Lorenz, Margaret
Southern Pines Moore Stinnett, Michelle
Southport Brunswick Johnson, Ryan
Sparta Alleghany Andrews, Emily
Sparta Alleghany Klein, Heather
Statesville Iredell Chapman, Russell
Statesville Iredell Chapman, Brian
Statesville Iredell Dudley, L.
Surf City Onslow Blackburn, Kathy
Surf City Onslow Rizzo, R.
Tabor City Columbus Stanley, Clyde
Taylorsville Alexander Davis, Mark
Thomasville Davidson Elliott, Douglas
Trent Woods Craven Arnette, Aaron
Troy Montgomery Garner, Max
Troy Montgomery Hollers, Russell
Troy Montgomery Williamson, Sonya
Tryon Polk Haynes, R.
Wake Forest Wake Drake, Kathryn
Wake Forest Wake Smalling, Kyle
Washington Beaufort Mason, Keith
Washington Beaufort Mayo, William
Washington Beaufort Partrick, Cornelius
Waxhaw Union Dunkel, Jamie
Waxhaw Union McDermott, Gary
Waynesville Haywood Dickson, Clarence
West End Moore Gorenflo, Michael
Whiteville Columbus Lee, Junius
Whiteville Columbus Powell, J.
Whiteville Columbus Sessions, T.
Wilkesboro Wilkes Ferree, Russell
Wilkesboro Wilkes James, Carmen
Williamston Martin James, Richard
Williamston Martin James, Nathan
Wilmington New Hanover Bennington, Margaret
Wilmington New Hanover Brown, Suzanne
Wilmington New Hanover Collins, Robert
Wilmington New Hanover Franck, Samuel
Wilmington New Hanover Gott, Melissa
Wilmington New Hanover Hearne, Joseph
Wilmington New Hanover Holmes, Scott
Wilmington New Hanover Huff, James
Wilmington New Hanover Lewis, William
Wilmington New Hanover Moyer, Amanda
Wilmington New Hanover Porter, Jeffrey
Wilmington New Hanover Rhodenhiser, Ryan
Wilmington New Hanover Satterfield, Thomas
Wilmington New Hanover Siegel, Steven
Wilmington New Hanover Sutton, Faison
Wilmington New Hanover Taylor, Joseph
Wilmington New Hanover Trask, Frances
Wilmington New Hanover Van Trigt, Andrea
Wilmington New Hanover Williams, James
Wilmington New Hanover Williams, Donald
Wilmington New Hanover Zeko, Amy R.
Wilson Wilson Harrison, Reginald
Wilson Wilson Jones, T.
Wilson Wilson Rountree, Robert Christopher
Windsor Bertie Gillam, Moses
Winston Salem Forsyth Calaway, Clinton
Winston Salem Forsyth Cash, Clyde
Winston Salem Forsyth Cheney, Matthew
Winston Salem Forsyth Deal, R.
Winston Salem Forsyth Halsey, Hardin
Winston Salem Forsyth Henshaw, Gregory
Winston Salem Forsyth Kangur, Tonu
Winston Salem Forsyth McNames, John
Winston Salem Forsyth Newsome, Brittany
Winston Salem Forsyth Newton, Thomas
Winston Salem Forsyth Porter, Robert
Winston Salem Forsyth Robb, Julian
Winston Salem Forsyth Rutledge, Richard
Winston Salem Forsyth Searcy, Philip
Winston Salem Forsyth Wagoner, Anna
Wrightsville Beach New Hanover Moree, Bradley
Youngsville Franklin Thomas, Kimberly