Not all of the entities who are working with the public are approved, authorized, and working in the best interests of the clients they serve. We know that you are seeing all sorts of things in your local communities and we ask for your help in tracking issues that cause you concern.

If you have witnessed or had contact with a situation of UPL, please look at the NC State Bar’s page about UPL, which includes a complaint form.  The site states, in part, that “The conduct of non-attorneys involved with residential real estate closings is another area of concern. The State Bar has recognized that non-attorneys can provide certain limited administrative services for residential real estate closings. As paralegals, notaries, and settlement service companies seek to do business in this area, however, many seem to exceed the limitations on their services by drafting legal documents and providing legal advice. These issues have received, and will continue to receive, scrutiny by the Committee.”

Please file a complaint so that each instance you witness can be recorded. The NC State Bar cannot act upon instances, about which it is uninformed.

At the same time, please use this form to help RELANC’s advocates know more about these local situations which you and/or your clients have witnessed or experienced. The most common example of this is a “Title Company” which does not have a NC attorney on staff and present at closings, and situations in which there is a relationship between an attorney and Title entity that is not in accord with NC State Bar regulations.